Coreldraw X7 Use Tips

CorelDRAW! Tips & Tricks

Tips for bitmap shading

  1.  Is the use of plastic tools to point to the bitmap, through additions and deletions of nodes, curved node to shape the contour of the bitmap to remove the outside end of the map to achieve the purpose.
  2. Use the color Mask tool in the filter, adjust a suitable expansion degree, point take to go to the background, point application, the same can be removed from the relative monotonous background map, used to do a good job of transparency. PS-generated PSD transparent background image directly with PS.

The interchange problem between PSD and CDR file

corel draw x7 activation code:CDR files need to be output in a JPEG or PSD format to think about applications in PSD. PSD to the CDR only in the CDR directly input PSD file, but also retains the PSD format file layer structure, in the CD can be edited after the dissolution. Note that the CDR output bitmap when the attention ratio and the actual pixel, you output one time after the next time the default value for output, you need to click on the right side of the lock or 1:1 options to return the current proportions

Simple multi-outline fonts

You only need to play good text, you want a few outline, copy several, in turn bold each contour line thickness and contour line color, and then press from thick to thin from the back to the front of the order.

Simple shortcut keys

CTRL + A Select all
Delete deletion
Ctrl+z regret
Ctrl+x Shearing
CTRL + C copy
Ctrl + V Paste
E Horizontal Center Alignment
R Right Alignment
T top alignment
B Bottom Alignment
C Vertical Center Alignment
L Align Left
F4 Back to Standard page
F9 Full Screen
SPACEBAR toggles the current tool with the previous tool
Ctrl+t Text Format
ctrl+shift+ <> Single line adjusts the kerning of paragraph text (this is more practical)
CTRL+J Open Custom Panel

New features

  1.  redesign, can be fully customized interface
  2. Advanced Working Area
  3.  Full control of the color and transparency functions
  4. vector and dot-matrix pattern fill Color
  5. font easy preview and advanced character tool
  6.  special effects and advanced photo editing
  7.  Accurate layout and drawing tools
  8.  high resolution and multiple screen support
  9.  QR Code Generator
  10. Built-in Content Exchange
  11.  Learning materials and expert tips
  12.  Simple color coordination editor
  13.  Simple and professional website design
  14.  Compatibility with the latest file formats
  15.  free of the right to the quality of the content of gold
  16. Interesting Action Applications
  17.  Advanced OpenType Support
  18.  Support Complex Command code
  19.  File Style
  20.  Self-built color coordination
  21. Creative Vector Shape Tool
  22. Page Configuration Tool
  23.  Native 64-bit and multi-core support
  24.  Senior Membership
  25.  redesign of the color management engine
  26.  Web Graphics Tools
  27. Simple bitmap to vector tracing

Top reasons to upgrade from CorelDRAW X7

  • New real-time LiveSketch™ drawing tool
  • Enhanced vector previews, nodes, and handles
  • New custom node shapes
  • New prominent interactive sliders
  • New touch-friendly user interface
  • New powerful stylus enhancements
  • New import legacy workspaces
  • New Microsoft Surface Dial support

How to activate Corel to draw X7 ‘s life

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To use my method to activate the life of CorelDraw X7, you need to completely block all Internet connections Corel drawing sent using the Internet. So you’re not clogging up your Internet, but you’re blocking Corel’s use of the internet for attraction. There are 4 necessary steps to enable 100% to activate life.

  1. Uninstall Corel Draw X7 and install it
  2. Windows Firewall with Advanced security
  3. Block host Files
  4. Allow/block applications in Windows firewall settings

Use the steps above to help you circumvent the CorelDraw X7 Fair usage strategy. After you successfully perform the above steps, you do not have to worry about connecting to the Internet while using your Corel Drawing X7 program, which works fine.

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